Best Practice In Assessing Job Behaviour

A Positioning Paper by Dan Harrison, Ph.D. Using Interviews to Assess Job Behaviour  In the past, interviews have been used as the primary means to assess attitude, motivation, and job behaviour. However, even if interviewers are extremely intuitive, there are many reasons why accurately assessing job behaviour with a normal interview process is nearly impossible.
  1. Interviewers do not have access to a real behavioural success formula. There are dozens...
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Best Practices in Talent Assessment

A Positioning Paper by Dan Harrison, Ph.D. Talent Assessment Talent Assessment is the most important task of any organisation. The quality of assessment ultimately determines the performance of new hires as well as the ability of the organisation to effectively develop employees. It affects every important aspect of the organisation’s success including management effectiveness, sales volume, customer retention and...
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Case Study on Sales Performance Benchmarking

Industrial Paint Multi-national Company:
Finding The Sweet Spot of Success for Global Sales Position Purpose One of the  world’s  leading  industrial  paint company with global offices in more than 30 countries embarked on a sales performance benchmarking study to determine traits related to job success for their Global Sales position worldwide. Success traits for both the sales executive and sales manager positions were identified and the resultant findings...
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Develop Business Leadership Skills By Doing Something Different

  Business Leadership Skills Develop Business Leadership Skills By Doing Something Different. Action is a good door into learning. We coaches and consultants often focus on getting you leaders to reflect and gain insight on your style and your impact and your inner conflicts – and that has its place. But when you think about your development as...
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Business Mentor – Dealing With Workplace Politics

Business Mentor – Dealing With Workplace Politics As a business mentor I’ve had mentoring conversations with several new clients this week. They’re all super-smart, engaging, committed to being successful in their roles. And they all share similar assumptions: Good ideas should stand on their own merits. Decisions in organisations should be based on logic. We want to...
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Want To Improve Your Leadership Skills?

Leadership Skills Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Conventional wisdom will tell you, “build on your strengths, compensate for your weaknesses.” But there’s more to it than that. Think about what you believe are your biggest leadership strengths – the qualities you trust and rely on, what others have said they admire most about you. Are...
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Why People With A Business Mentor Make More Money

Business Mentor A business mentor is not just a “nice to have”; they are essential if you want to accelerate your career or the growth of your business. Business mentors make the difference between people who simply advance up the corporate ladder one rung at a time and those who skip rungs. Studies show that: - Professionals who have used...
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Business Growth Tip – Enhance Your Development With A Business Coach

Executive Coaching

A study by the Stanford Business School found that nearly two-thirds of CEOs don't receive business coaching or leadership development. Yet in the same study nearly 100% said they would like to enhance their development through coaching. So why is there a gap between their desire to develop their leadership skills and action to do...
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How To Choose An Executive Coach

Executive Coach If you’re interested in becoming a more effective leader, or helping someone in your organisation
 be more effective, you may be considering hiring an executive coach. You’ll want to know you are choosing a competent and qualified person, and one who is a fit for the particular situation. And we want to equip you with...
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Developing Your Leadership Skills – Are You Missing An Opportunity?

Author – Joan Kofodimos –Performance Mentors Mentor and Coaching Director Do you, like so many managers, believe that you have too much on your plate? If so, why do you think this is the case? Do you think, as do most managers to whom I’ve posed this question, that you’re swamped because of the demands of your jobs? If so, I hope you will keep an open...
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