Executive Coaching & Leadership Developement

Executive Coaching – Overcome the Challenges to Performance Improvement

Executive Coaching

  • Do you need to deliver a better ROI on your talent development programs?
  • Do you struggle to identify, develop and retain strategic leaders?
  • Do your leaders avoid the important but difficult conversations needed to improve performance?
  • Do you want to build a culture of leadership at all organisation levels?
  • Do you need to launch a new strategy, product or business unit?

As a leader, the responsibility for many things will often fall on your shoulders and it may well be up to you to find solutions and create development opportunities for the business. This is where executive coaching can be invaluable.

Regardless of how successful you may have been, there comes a point when it could be beneficial to seek another point of view.

Doing something repeatedly can create a habit and thinking about an alternative approach can be difficult. An executive coach experienced in your industry could help you consider things in a different way by challenging some of your preconceptions and getting you to take a long hard look at things from another person’s point of view.

You may believe that you have self-awareness but coming up with an alternative can be tricky without a sounding board. And whilst it is possible to use those around you every day, bouncing around ideas without fear of repercussions first can be preferable.


If you are not expected to account for your actions to another person, it can be easy to put the less interesting or difficult jobs to one side, with the intention of catching up on them at some point.

However, executive coaching can help you look at the way you go about your day to day tasks, focus on your strong points whilst looking to develop those areas which need a bit more work.

Knowing that you have an executive coaching meeting booked  can act as a very effective trigger to do all the things you talked about the last time, because the thought of admitting you haven’t done them is out of the question.

A good executive coach is not some-one who would ever criticise or point the finger, but knowing that you haven’t followed up on your actions can often spur you into doing the very thing you have been avoiding.

If you are feeling low on confidence – and that happens to everyone sometimes – it can be difficult to tackle tasks which you find difficult. A Mentor is your champion and will help you to recover your zest and faith in your ability, usually through the means of gentle challenges and suggestions for you to consider.

Develop A Clear Vision

As a leader, what you say and do will be taken notice of more than if you were just one of the team. And if you are in a negative rut, it is very easy to pass those vibes on to the others that report to you.

Executive coaching can help you understand the impact that your behaviour and words have on the people around you and provide you with a better insight into the psychology of your staff.

If you don’t have a clear vision of the future, how do you expect your employees to trust you? Executive coaching can help you work out where you see the business going in the future and how you will achieve that. Having clarity of vision will communicate itself almost wordlessly to your employees who will feel energised and motivated by working in a much more positive environment.

Our Unique Approach

We achieve uncommon success in improving an organisation’s performance by following these simple yet demanding principles:

  • build broad commitment about which skills are critical and why
  • tie programs to real work challenges, and minimise time off the job
  • use concrete language and provide simple, relevant tools
  • surface and address hidden fears that block growth
  • change conflicting messages and measures that block skill use
  • give managers the skills, tools, and reinforcement they need to coach and sustain success
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