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What we do

1 Business Start Up
Get your business off to a flying start with the support of a mentor who has successfully been through the same experience.
2 Business Growth
SME’s that have used a business mentor have reported an average increase in turnover of 44%.
3 Succession Planning
This succession planning process  involves identifying critical roles in the business and having contingency plans in place to ensure business continuity.

The Benefits Of A Business Guru

As a business person or entrepreneur, your main resource is yourself. While that leaves a lot in your own control and can feel very powerful, it also leaves you somewhat short in terms of new perspectives, thoughts and ideas. It also means that the only person to whom you are accountable – apart possibly from any investors – is yourself, and sometimes this can feel like a burden in itself.


Engaging a business coach to support you through your growth and development in your business can be helpful, enlightening and liberating. There’s a whole host of ways in which you can develop more quickly with a business coach on hand to support you, of which those below are just a few.

A fresh pair of eyes

One of the things about working alone is that it’s easy to lose perspective on your problems and challenges. Something that may be a minor setback can seem huge when you’re the only one looking at it. The opposite is also true and while you’re blithely going ahead with a plan that seems sound to you, there’s the risk that you’ve overlooked something important that could have a detrimental impact on your business.

Having a business coach means having a second perspective on your plans and ideas. The ability to discuss your intentions as you’re plotting your course of action can mean the difference between success and failure. However, failure isn’t always a bad thing and working with a business coach can also turn those failed attempts into learning opportunities that are more valuable in the long run than if everything went right first time.

A wealth of experience

As you establish yourself in your business or enterprise, you will be learning a huge amount as you go. By finding a business coach, you’ll have someone who’s already been and done what you’re attempting.

That’s not to say your business coach will have all the answers to your burning questions on business and entrepreneurship. Far from it. Everyone’s journey in business is different and to say that by having a business coach you’ll have someone with all the answers would oversimplify matters significantly. However, what you will have is someone with enough experience to prompt, question and challenge in ways that will help you along your own path and may have a helpful anecdote to point you in the right direction.

Time to focus on you

When you’re establishing yourself in business all your attention tends to be understandably directed to the work getting your business or product on the map. However, of equal importance is making sure that you are growing along with your business so you continue to be up to the challenge of directing the company as it develops and changes.

Spending time discussing your business plans, growth strategies and objectives with your business coach can make a big difference to the way in which your business develops, but the same is true for you. A skilled business coach will direct you to think about what you’re learning from your experiences with the business and how you can apply that to make you – and your company – even stronger.