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The Harrison Career Suitability Assessment  is an advanced career assessment and guidance package.

Suitable for students from year 10 right through to graduate level and beyond the Harrison Career Assessment is the most in-depth career assessment available, enabling students to identify careers that will best fit with their behaviour competencies and job suitability factors.

Once a student has identified their career preferences we can also provide the tools to effectively help in preparing for interviews and improving interview performance.

The Career Assessment and Guidance Package

Suitability Assessment

The Harrison Career Suitability Assessment is more than just a standard psychometric test. It is a complete job suitability assessment that measures interests, work values, task preferences, motivations, attitudes and other issues related to work satisfaction. This focus on behaviour competencies and job suitability factors enables the identification of careers that will generate greater work satisfaction.

The Harrison Career Assessments psychometric test measures attitudes, interests, work preferences, work values and interpersonal skills.

Job Success Formulas

Harrison Career Assessments provide more than 6500 proven and pre-configured Job Success Formulas to help easy and accurate assessment of the eligibility and suitability factors for  different careers.

Harrison Career Assessments’ SmartQuestionnaire™ sets the standard for career assessment questionnaires. It provides a comprehensive, yet condensed, questionnaire that measures all the factors relative to job success and eliminates the need for interpretation.

The SmartQuestionnaire™ provides the foundation for meeting the three greatest challenges of career assessment:

1) measuring all the important factors,

2) providing an overall score that explicitly indicates the overall potential for job success,

3) minimising the time it takes to complete the assessment.

The Benefits of Harrison Career Assessment Include:
  • Low cost and easy setup.
  • The SmartQuestionniare™ provides a comprehensive assessment of suitability in only 30 minutes.
  • Includes more than 6500 researched Job Success Formulas enables job-specific assessment and recommendations
  • Identifies and measures core behavioural competencies using Paradox Technology™.
  • Is extensively proven to predict job performance.


Our comprehensive behavioural career assessment takes less than 30 minutes to complete, yet asks the equivalent of a full day of multiple-choice questions. It does this by leveraging our advanced cross-referencing technologies that make over 8,000 comparisons, providing the equivalent amount of information of 2,700 multiple-choice questions.

Improving Interview Performance

For those who have decided on their career path, Harrison can provide effective help in preparing for interviews and improving interview performance.

Job Interview Questions

Harrison Career Assessments’ interview technology includes Job Interview Questions that ensure high quality and consistent interviewing which focuses on the key job requirements.

The interview technology enables you to score the interview and then automatically calculate the results based on the Job Success Formula. The job interview questions are automatically generated from our library of options related to the specific job function.

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