Coaching For Performance


The ability to optimise the performance of your team is another key leadership skill. At Performance Mentors our Coaching For Performance programme enables you to improve individual and organisational performance by building new perspectives and skills.

Typical Challenges Addressed
  • You set expectations, but others don’t understand or perform as expected
  • You explain a critical concept to another person but the ‘just don’t get it’
  • You send a person for training, but they fail to apply the new skills after they return
  • You spend too much time ‘fire fighting’ or cleaning up after other’s problems and mistakes
  • You believe you don’t have enough time to coach your people
Coaching For Performance Learning Objectives
  • Assess capability during routine project discussions
  • Identify skills gaps that limit performance
  • Identify specific new approaches to immediately help improve performance
  • Understand common roadblocks to skill implementation
  • Develop self-directed performers
Expected Business Outcomes
  • Improve individual and organisation performance by building new perspective and skills
  • Reduce costs of talent development, with more effective and efficient managerial coaching
    • less time away from the job
    • better skills application, because coaching focuses on improving ‘off-track’ performance
  • Shift management from ‘fire fighting’ ¬†towards strategic thinking and problem solving
  • Implement a powerful, common approach to managerial coaching, creating the foundation for more effective performance and talent management systems.
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