Effective Leadership Skills

Perforance Mentors Strategic Initiative Model

Performance Mentors Strategic Initiative Model

Developing Effective Leadership Skills

Our 6 Step Leadership Skills project design covers:

Identifying the Challenge→  

Negotiating Expectations→ 

Analysing Current Situation→

Developing Options, Decision Criteria→

Building the Plan, Seeking Commitment→

Executing the Plan, Evaluating Results.

Executive Coaching Programme Design

In order to enable success these design principles are underpinned by the development of Collaborative Leadership Skills:

Partnership Style — We work together to define, analyse, develop criteria and options, make decisions and plan execution.

Influence Without Authority — We will show you how to influence by finding compelling interests, link proposals to interests, surface resistance, build commitment.

Resolve Differences Collaboratively — One of the biggest roadblocks to implementing a new strategy is differences in opinion. We surface different views at each phase, jointly define, analyse and develop criteria linked to strategy.

Manage Results — By defining shared goals, testing commitment to action and reinforcing you can jointly remedy off-track performance.

Build Capability — Assess skill gaps, build commitment for coaching, build skills, overcome roadblocks to skill use.

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