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The Harrison Job Suitability Assessment is more than just a standard psychometric test. It is a complete job suitability assessment that measures interests, work values, task preferences, motivations, attitudes and other issues related to work satisfaction. This focus on behaviour competencies and job suitability factors enables you to hire, retain and develop top performance as well as generate greater work satisfaction.


Harrison Assessments can even incorporate all aspects of the integrated job suitability assessment and psychometric test into a complete assessment of all job requirements, which also includes qualifications, education, and experience. The Harrison Assessments psychometric test measures attitudes, interests, work preferences, work values, interpersonal skills and the ability for the individual to fit with their supervisor.

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The Benefits of Harrison  Job Suitability Assessment Include:

  • Low cost and easy setup.
  • The SmartQuestionniare™ provides a comprehensive assessment of suitability in only 30 minutes.
  • More than 6500 researched Job Success Formulas enables job-specific assessment with minimal customization.
  • Is extensive validation related to job performance.
  • Face validity and job-related questions provide strong legal defensibility.
  • Identifies and measures core behavioural competencies using Paradox Technology™.
  • Is available both online and offline in over 26 languages.
  • The SmartQuestionniare™ provides the most effective deception detection technology in the industry.
  • Predicts work satisfaction and retention using our Enjoyment Performance methodology.

Even when assessments such as personality tests or psychometric tests are used, it is generally left up to a recruiter to determine how the test results impact the overall evaluation. If the test results are not comprehensive and integrated into a final score that includes all eligibility and suitability factors, the hiring decisions still tend to be subjective. Lacking a systematic and comprehensive approach, the recruiter must guess at how the test results should affect the overall decision.

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