Talent Assessment Features

6500+ Job Success Formulas We make it easy to create comprehensive assessments that fit your specific job success requirements. We help companies easily and accurately assess the eligibility and suitability factors that lead to job success. The Job Success Formulas automatically generate interview scoring guidelines as well as specific behavioral interviewing questions.
20 + Years of Performance Research Harrison Talent Assessments’ Solutions are based on more than 20 years of performance research that focuses on understanding the differences between high performers and low performers.
Evaluates Eligibility The eligibility component of each Job Success Formula evaluates how applicants compare to the ideal levels of education, experience, and skills based on our proven Job Success Formulas.
Evaluates Suitability The suitability component of each Job Success Formula evaluates how each applicant compares to a complete set of suitability factors including attitudes, motivations, interpersonal skills, interests, work values, and work preferences. Most systems only measure personality.
175+ Traits Evaluated Our solutions evaluate over 175 behavioural traits, while most assessments in the industry only evaluate 10 to 20.
SmartQuestionnaire™ Advanced cross-referencing technologies make over 8,000 comparisons, providing the equivalent amount of information of 2,700 multiple-choice questions in less than 30 minutes.
Consistency (Lie) Detection Any attempt to deceive our SmartQuestionnaire™ is instantly detected by more than 150,000 cross-references of the answers. It handles the issue of deception better than any assessment questionnaire in the industry.
ParadoxTechnology™ Our solutions effectively identify exceptional strengths and negative traits because they are based on the principle that each trait has the potential to be either productive or counter-productive, depending upon other balancing traits.
Enjoyment PerformanceMethodology We help companies predict performance, work satisfaction, and retention. It also enables companies to motivate people and increase their performance by assigning the roles and responsibilities that give them the highest degree of work satisfaction.
Pre-screening Harrison Talent Assessments’ pre-assesses both eligibility and suitability, and consequently it eliminates up to 80% of the administration work by identifying and sorting the candidates according to their overall qualifications. This dramatically reduces the number of resume reviews and candidate interviews required to find the best candidate.
Applicant Tracking Applicants are automatically ranked and short-listed. Our automated applicant notification system will not only save your company considerable time, it is convenient for the applicants and will present your company professionally.
Interview Processing Our automatically generated Interview Worksheets guide employers through the entire interview process to further evaluate the eligibility of each short-listed candidate. Our Interview Worksheets also provide customisable behavioural interviewing questions and scoring guidelines to further evaluate suitability and produce a total score.
Meets All Legal Requirements Our assessments meet all the legal requirements of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
Third Party Test Integration If you use additional assessment methods, like an IQ test for example, the results can be seamlessly integrated into Harrison Assessments’ hiring process. If you already have an ATS, Harrison Talent Assessments’ solutions can exchange data easily.


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